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    Green and Eco-Friendly Homes and Pods

    4 years ago

     Even with the current economic recession and the dropping prices of homes, it's still expensive to purchase and maintain a house. Why not consider a greener and cheaper method? Inexpensive, durable and readily...

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    Fresh and Unique Wedding Themes

    5 years ago

    So by theme I don’t necessarily means fairy theme or Star Trek theme…unless that’s your big thing then go for it. Theme doesn’t mean you have to wear a corseted dress and princess hat and make...

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    Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

    5 years ago

    Looking for something a bit different than the traditional floral centerpiece? Want to express you and your future spouse in every detail of the wedding in a way that people will remember? Take a glance here! When my...

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    How to Camp on a budget- Have a Cheap and Fun Vaction

    4 years ago

    With the current difficult economic climate, people are getting more creative in their escapes from the daily grind and their annual family vacations. Though camping has served as a recreational staple for the American...

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    How to Do Something Nice for Your Mom

    4 years ago

    You've picked out the obligatory card, ordered a nice spray of fresh flowers to be delivered and maybe chosen some sort of locket or something. Isn't there another way to let your mom know you love her without...

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    How to Make Easy Quilts

    4 years ago

    When you first start thinking about making a quilt, consider what kind you want to make. Something small and easy like a soft baby quilt? One you can spread on your queen size bed? A cozy throw to bring out while...

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    Benefits of Giving Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

    5 years ago

    You worked hard for it, you should enjoy all the fruits of your labor, right? Giving to charities or non-profit organizations can often appear like something only the very wealthy do. However, much of the time its the...

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    How to Wear or Wrap a Sarong

    4 years ago

    The sarong, as its most commonly known here in Southern California, is a large sheet of fabric that can be wrapped and tied around the body in numerous ways. Commonly sold as a simple beach cover-up in the States, the...


    Organic vs. Regular Milk--Is It Worth Your Money?

    3 years ago

    When you shop in your dairy section you might see regular milk on sale for dirt cheap, and then organic, hormone free milk advertised at twice the price. Why is this type of milk more expensive, and is it worth your...

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    How to Wrap or Tie a Sari - Illustrated Guide

    4 years ago

    Step One First make sure you are wearing a close fitted shirt that goes well with your sari underneath. Most women wear a type of petticoat as well, but I think its possible to go without--especially if you want the...

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    Wine Pairing with Veal

    4 years ago

    This dish offers a couple of options for choosing a wine. Veal being a white meat, it still can be paired with wines from both the red and white varieties. And cacciatore usually pack in a lot of flavor--making it my...

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    Dumb Blonde Stereotype--Myth or Fact

    5 days ago

    This is a fun opinion piece...in case you couldn't tell...

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    Some of the Strangest Houses in the World

    6 years ago

    Most of us know the story of Hansel and Gretel. Two poor children are lost in the woods and stumble upon a house made of candy with sugar windows. As kids we probably dreamed about finding a cool house like this-minus...


    What You Need When Moving Out for the First Time

    3 years ago

    Whether you're 18, 26, or 52, we all have to move out of our parent's house eventually. When I was 18 I loaded up my mom's soccer van with a butterfly chair, an electric kettle, some bedding and every item of clothing I...

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